Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!!

It looks like Winter, and it's ugly Polar Vortexes, are finally on their way out. At least in the South, that is. That is the great thing about having family and a place to stay in Tennessee... I can come down here when I've had enough snow and ice, enough gray skies and sub zero temperatures, and catch the beginning of Spring 😊

Woods Violet (on the side of the road in Tn)

We are getting ready to return to Illinois. Sadly, I don't think Winter has entirely removed its claws from the North...but, soon enough, I will get to start a second Spring. I am already planning how to arrange our patio to enjoy warm evenings, bonfires, and grilling.

Forsythia (growing in my mother's woods in Tn)

I have to admit, while Illinois summers never seem to heat up to the temperatures I'm used to (high 90s - low 100s are what I think of when I think of Summer), they have the market cornered on some truly gorgeous Summer nature. The nature preserves are awesome, the parks are incredible, and even our lawn is soooo much greener than anything in Tn. It must be all that melted snow and ice that greens things up!

Buttercup (by my mother's back fence in Tn)

Hopefully, we will be seeing some of the prettiest flowers Illinois has to offer here very shortly. In the meantime, enjoy these beauties from Tennessee (I sure am!)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Brrrr....isn't it supposed to be warmer?

It is 41 degrees today. I realize that is slightly warmer than it has been running, but c'mon .... This is the middle of March. I'm frozen. No really, I am. I am in bed with a heating pad, running a space heater, and am finally starting to thaw. My body temp runs 97 degrees, y'all. I can't weather this cold weather ;)

Anyway, we still haven't seen Disney's Frozen yet. Yes, we live under a rock. I bought an iTunes card today, so we will download the movie tonight and watch it while it is still unbearably cold outside. What are you doing while you wait for warmer weather?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hey there, y'all!

Welcome to my blog! I'm not dedicating this to any one specific thing (which means I may not be the most interesting person on the planet), but rather to snippets from our day to day lives. I have lived in several states in my *cough cough* 35 years on Earth, but the majority of those years were spent in Tennessee. I consider myself a Southern Girl at heart, even if I do currently reside above the Mason-Dixon Line.

I have three children, 2 sons and a daughter, just the one husband, a cat, and a dog. I homeschool my three children and try to do a little home decorating when I have the time. I love to paint (walls and furniture...I can't paint a picture to save my life). I do cook, occasionally it is edible. I will try to post the recipes that really turn out well :)

A few of my favorite things are: Riding with the windows down and the radio blasting, swimming in the ocean, long walks on nature preserve trails, swimming in the pool, SUMMERTIME, flip flops, food my husband has grilled, updating my Instagram account with pictures of my kids/pets/funny comics, crafting, spending the evening with my husband while we read, watching my kids learn to do new things, bubble baths, and really comfy pajamas. I also like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, but that seemed cliche.

I'll post when I can, so comment when you can ;)