Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hey there, y'all!

Welcome to my blog! I'm not dedicating this to any one specific thing (which means I may not be the most interesting person on the planet), but rather to snippets from our day to day lives. I have lived in several states in my *cough cough* 35 years on Earth, but the majority of those years were spent in Tennessee. I consider myself a Southern Girl at heart, even if I do currently reside above the Mason-Dixon Line.

I have three children, 2 sons and a daughter, just the one husband, a cat, and a dog. I homeschool my three children and try to do a little home decorating when I have the time. I love to paint (walls and furniture...I can't paint a picture to save my life). I do cook, occasionally it is edible. I will try to post the recipes that really turn out well :)

A few of my favorite things are: Riding with the windows down and the radio blasting, swimming in the ocean, long walks on nature preserve trails, swimming in the pool, SUMMERTIME, flip flops, food my husband has grilled, updating my Instagram account with pictures of my kids/pets/funny comics, crafting, spending the evening with my husband while we read, watching my kids learn to do new things, bubble baths, and really comfy pajamas. I also like piƱa coladas and getting caught in the rain, but that seemed cliche.

I'll post when I can, so comment when you can ;)

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